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    Embroidery Sewing Machines For Computerized Embroidery

    Embroidery Sewing Machines – Let Your Creativity Shine

    Those who are into the embroidery business or want to make a career in it should know how to use embroidery sewing machines or home embroidery machine along with a computer program for creating various designs and patterns. If you are not that good in creating self made designs, you can buy some patterns. If you do not even want to spend that much amount on buying designs, you have many designs absolutely free on the Internet. You can then load the chose design in the machine and set the ball rolling.

    Embroidery Sewing Machines

    Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing MachineEmbroidery Sewing Machines

    However, before going any further, you should know which file formats suit the embroidery sewing machines. Machine formats and source formats are the two categories in which embroidery files fall in.

    In machine formats, a file is limited to only a certain type of brand or company, which produces these embroidery sewing machines. These embroidery files are nearly read-only and difficult to manipulate.


    Source formats, on the other hand, as the name suggests, is a software oriented file. With this, you can create designs as per your liking.

    For the sake of simplicity and competition and the convenience of the customers, a certain brand (company) may cater to more than one machine format. Embroidery sewing machines like Tajima’s “.dst”, Melco’s “.exp”/”.cnd” and Barudan’s “.fdr” are some of the examples of file format that many other companies have embodied in their products. These companies are actually the rival companies of each other. This shows, how much hold such companies have over the market with their embroidery sewing machines.

    As said above, there are options for downloading patterns from the Internet. However, do not get upset if you are not getting the stitches right on your embroidery sewing machines. The cause of this error lies in the wrong machine format in the wrong file. Therefore, when downloading such files, take note of the machine and that you are using the right combination. See the awesome video below for guidelines.

    Even more important is the fact that you should be aware of file format combination before purchasing. You will be investing a lot in purchasing embroidery sewing machines and you do not want to get frustrated due to the lack of simple knowledge concerning the formats or you may simply look for used sewing machines for sale.

    However, if you happen to buy embroidery sewing machines without knowledge of the file formats, there is software available for you to convert a certain file format to the one you wish. You can change files from .PES to .HUS and the likes. However, the results are not trustworthy.

    Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine with USB Memory-Stick CompatibilitySinger CE-150 Futura Sewing-and-Embroidery MachineJanome Memory Craft MC 9500 Sewing and Embroidery Machine w/ 90 Built-In Embroidery Designs + 98 Sewing Stitches + 3 Embroidery Fonts + Monograms

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